AHMAD NAJMI ARCHITECT (ANA) started in 2008 mainly focusing on building projects with “research-based” nature highlighting Sustainable Architecture and Green Building design.

ANA was formally an architectural collaborator in building and environmental simulations with a local Green Building company.

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“research-based” ANA expresses unique design philosophy with strong consideration for nature and the environment. All of ANA’s projects - big or small - are treated as a sustainable project, one that which, if desired, can easily be certified as a Green Building be it LEED, GBI, and the like. This is “Green-Ready” architecture practiced at ANA, even if the project is not going for any certification, we still do it Green.

Realizing the demand for sustainable buildings, ANA maintains the essence of architectural prestige, which is to look beautiful. The use of geometries and wonderful colors makes ANA’s designs stand out amongst its context yet aesthetically pleasing within the totality of it's surrounding environments.

ANA serves the public in support of strategic partner – CREATIVE ENVIRONMENTS (CE) for green building, simulation and visualization. This synergy is required so that ANA can be focused at architectural practice, leaving most of the calculations and simulations to CE.

Committed to sustainability, ANA champions the responsibility towards both built and natural environments.